From March 18th 2015 to March 20th 2016, 3DMine Indonesia held 3DMine training to the geologist engineers of PT. Ensbury Kalteng Mining in Central Borneo (Kalimantan).


President of 3DMine Indonesia, Idra Pusvito, has made great efforts to lead his team to establish an Indonesian engineer community who use 3DMine as their tools for their jobs in geology, survey and mining, as well as scientific research in universities since 2013, which has achieved fruitful results even though under the mining depression period. 

On March 2016, 3DMine Indonesia cooperate with PT. Ensbury Kalteng Mining in 3DMine software application for gold project in Central Borneo. 3DMine Indonesia have provided software training to geologist engineer about geology database, geology modeling, geostatistical and variogram, block model and resource calculation. 


During this training, 3DMine Trainer introduce and help engineers of PT Ensbury Kalteng Mining to learn about strength of 3DMine Software compared with other mining software. Excellent entusiasm received by participants because its function is highly flexible and powerful and can be used in various types of minerals, as 3DMine can help them do their work more accurately and efficiently compared with other mining software they were tried before. 

The Engineers are able to operate it easily and fast on their computer to practice case study, they are happy to learn 3DMine software from basic to advanced level og geological modules. Modules are delivered from geology database cases to resources calculation, making them amazed at the simplicity and practicality of the tools and functions provided by 3DMine software. 

3DMine EKT 3

Competitive price and flexibility offering choices which made 3DMine as a proper mining software to choose by exploration and mining practical. 3DMine open cooperation with several mining companies and always ready to give the best service to clients. 3DMine is the best solution for exploration and exploitation activities in various types of mineral.


Join with 3DMine and lets explore 3DMine software together. 3DMine is the simplifying mining software solution.